Welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world of Babaloo! Where you will find beautiful handmade jewelry for those who like to throw convention out the window and let their personality sparkle!  Each unique design is made to brighten your day, combining beautiful colors and exquisite detail with a good dash of fun!

I love creating and trying new things, from silk painting, knitting, wood working to jewelry making, you'll always find me experimenting with something new.  Designing and creating jewelry quickly became my favorite thing to do and I fell in love with the versatility of polymer clay; from form to color it truly offers endless possibilities. Moving to Lexington KY about 5 years ago after living in Germany, France and Canada, I am happy to say that my little family and I have fallen in love with the area and have not yet developed the dreaded allergies.  Other fun facts about me, I am Native American, I am mom to 2 beautiful kids and 2 fur babies, my husband is German, I speak fluent German and passable (ish) French, I love to cook, and I am a coffee addict.

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I truly appreciate every click and comment, thank you for your support !


100% Handmade

I lovingly design and create each piece, from custom mixing the colors, to hand forming, curing, sanding and finally packaging each item to send it off to its new home, where I hope it will bring a smile to your face.