The perfect fall accessory! The Diane dangle combines just the right amount of statement with elegance and is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. Polymer elements are paired with brass to create the perfect fall earring that is still light weight and durable.


All posts are nickel free and hypoallergenic, the material is polymer clay which is very durable and incredibly lightweight.


All items are made of polymer clay, which is a water-resistant, super light, slightly flexible material. Pieces are delicate and should not be bent or dropped. Makeup or other dirt can be removed from clay components by GENTLY going over dirty spots with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or acetone. 

Brass components may tarnish over time if exposed to water and oils from the skin, but can be easily cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth and/or tarnish remover. 

Silky rayon tassels can get a little kinky if they aren’t stored in an upright hanging position, but not to worry! You can apply a bit of gentle heat from a hair-dryer and they’ll be good as new. No need to worry about this with cotton tassels!


These earrings are an original Babaloo design. I claim intellectual property over this design, and ownership rights to all of the photos pictured.

Diane Dangle